Metaverse, Web 3.0 Disruption and Blockchain Advancement To Be Discussed at MetaWeek in Dubai

by Nitisha Upadhye
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Metaverse, Web 3.0 Disruption and Blockchain Advancement To Be Discussed at MetaWeek in Dubai

August 11, 2022 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The MetaWeek conference will take place on September 11-14, 2022. Thousands of Web 3.0 enthusiasts and thought leaders from all over the world will convene in Dubai to set the future trends of metaverse applications.

After huge success in launching the first MetaWeek in early March 2022, NexChange Group presents the second edition of the large-scale international event, taking place September 11-14, 2022 in Dubai.

As one of the world’s leading proponents of using cutting-edge tech like blockchain and metaverse tools, Dubai has been accumulating regional efforts in the digital economy development and metaverse adoption – with the implementation of the Dubai metaverse strategy and the higher committee for future technology and digital economy launched just recently.

The strategy aims to increase the contribution of the metaverse sector to the Emirate’s economy to $4 billion and to create 40,000 virtual jobs by 2030.

Jason Luo, CEO of BitForex, said,

“Although we are in a period of uncertainty for the digital assets market, there are challenges and opportunities. The great potential of the industry, and huge demands and interests coming from our users and investors toward digital assets and the financial industry are still exciting.

“BitForex has been committed to providing a convenient and diverse environment to welcome the next bullish market.”

A week-long event will culminate in a two-day MetaWeek Summit, set for September 12-13, 2022, taking place at the Grand Hyatt Dubai hotel. From regulatory efforts toward Web 3.0, to digital asset market trends, to gaming ecosystems, to digitization of corporate infrastructures, to investment strategies, to DAOs and NFTs utilities and marketing – dozens of themes related to the world of Web 3.0 and the metaverse will be thoroughly discussed at the summit’s agenda.

Frank Fitzgerald, founder of Pax.World, said,

“MetaWeek proved to be very beneficial to Pax.World after our attendance earlier this year where we went on to build multiple priceless partnerships and win ‘metaverse of the year’ in Dubai.

“We believe the metaverse is not only for fun and business but [also] community building and education. MetaWeek also represents this along with our mutual desire to make the metaverse open for everyone. [All] this is why it was easy to say yes when they asked if we’d join them again in September.”

Tapping into new larger audiences is one of the best ways for world-known brands from various sectors to benefit from entering the world of metaverse. New communities and myriads of ways to interact with them define the virtual realms and spark more interest from luxury fashion brands, tech giants and smaller businesses.

George Paliani, CEO of CoinsPaid Media, said,

“Many types of blockchain projects avoid the word ‘media’ and call themselves decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), communities or other variants. However, blockchain media has a number of advantages. Such projects can show the way with features that support Web 3.0. Now we have the opportunity to speak the same language with a new generation.”

Piers Dunhill, founder of Dunhill Ventures, said,

“The investment interest in metaverse and Web 3.0 solutions from corporate entities and private offices and funds from all over the world has been increasing exponentially over the last months. It shows that metaverse has become extremely valuable. It opens up many possibilities for the venture capital flow, giving a chance for metaverse to become reality.”

The Summit’s agenda will feature over 100 of the world’s most famous experts on Web 3.0 and blockchain development. Speakers who will rock the stage at the MetaWeek Summit include the following.

  • Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, and founder and CEO of Outblaze
  • Daniela Barbosa, executive director of Hyperledger Foundation, and general manager of blockchain, healthcare and identity at Linux Foundation
  • Dr. Elie Abadie, senior rabbi of the Jewish Council of the Emirates and rabbi of the Association of Gulf Jewish Communities
  • Lewis Neal, CEO of Kryptic and former NFL player
  • Erik Weir, principal of WCM Global Wealth
  • Nick Spanos of Bitcoin Pioneer
  • Dr. Michaela Ulieru, strategic impact leader of IOHK
  • Sanmeet Singh Kochhar, vice president of HMD Global MENA and India (home of Nokia phones – the exclusive manufacturer of Nokia phones and tablets globally)
  • Susan Oh, CMO of
  • Dr. Mohamed Al Hemairy, head of technology transfer office at the University of Sharjah
  • Kapil Dhiman, chief of staff and Web 3.0 lead of PwC India

Themes that will be covered at the MetaWeek Summit include the following.

  • Corporate structure for smooth metaverse transition
  • Digital currencies flow in metaverse and role of altcoins
  • Move-to-earn – reimagining fitness and bridging the metaverse
  • Sustainable development goals for metaverse
  • Social impact – setting pace for a better future
  • Gaming and GameFi trends
  • Phygitalism – how artists thrive in metaverse
  • DAOs and successful governance models
  • NFTsation for brands – from collectibles to marketing tools
  • Data privacy and management of big data – how will data be managed in metaverses

NexChange Group is a venture builder and media platform specializing in blockchain, metaverse, fintech, healthtech, AI and smart cities.

For more information on the registration, speakers, agenda and partnerships, visit the website or contact here.


Celia Fung, head of marketing at NexChange

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