Three Arrows Founders ‘Received Threats of Physical Violence’ – Su Zhu Breaks Silence

by Zack Edelman
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 Three Arrows Founders 'Received Threats of Physical Violence' - Su Zhu Breaks Silence

Founders of troubled major crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC) and their families “have received threats of physical violence,” according to seemingly a screenshot of an email, shared by Su Zhu, the co-founder of the fund, today.

He tweeted for the first time since June 15, sharing what appears to be an email from his legal counsel, Christopher Anand Daniel of Advocatus Law, to “Dear Russell.” Russel Crumpler is the senior managing director of Teneo, the liquidator of 3AC.

The shared text is responding to claims, made by the liquidators this week that the founders of 3AC have not been cooperating with Teneo “in any meaningful way.”

“Please let us know if you stated in your Court filings that we explained that our clients, and their families have received threats of physical violence, and have had to field queries from the Monetary Authority of Singapore in the last week, or so, which has meant that they have been working under a lot of time pressure,” according to the screenshot.

Also, it added that the founders of 3AC “will not be proceeding with the call this evening” and “depending on your response, we will let you know when our clients can reasonably be expected to speak with you.”


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