Ethereum Merge Rescheduled: Here’s Exactly When Developers Plan

by Aaryamann Shrivastava
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Ethereum Merge Rescheduled: Here's Exactly When Developers Plan

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The developers appear to finally have a concrete response to queries of when is Ethereum Merge scheduled for. Although it was earlier said that the date could be September 19, it was uncertain with a chance to change. And there were possibilities of yet another unexpected delay. Earlier on Wednesday, Ethereum completed the Merge upgrade of the Goerli testnet. The upgrade makes the network one step closer to the shift to proof of stake mechanism. The new mechanism could offer better efficiency and network scalability, among others.

When Is Ethereum Merge Scheduled For?

On Thursday, the developers appear to have hinted at a more certain timeline for the Merge. If all goes as planned the network upgrade could happen a few days earlier than anticipated, as per the Ethereum Foundation’s indications. Going by the terminal total difficulty (TTD) of 5875000000000000000000, the date could be zeroed in on to around September 15 or 16. By moving Ethereum to proof of stake from proof of work, the event turned out to be much anticipated in the crypto community. Before the developers conference call earlier in the day, there was widespread anticipation of a revised main net upgrade date.

“The Ethereum main net merge is tentatively scheduled for TTD 5875000000000000000000, which means Ethereum may be merged on September 15th or 16th. The previous expected date was September 19.”

Meanwhile, Ethereum (ETH) price appeared on course to breach the $2,000 mark as the community looks forward to the upgrade next month. ETH went as high as $1,920 on Thursday, raising hopes of a further spike. As of writing, the cryptocurrency is trading at $1,904.43, up nearly 4% in the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap. In the space of last 7 days, ETH price rose 19.67%, as the crypto investors turned bullish ahead of the main net upgrade.

Developers Announce Upgrade Timeline

During the conference call, the developers indicated that around September 6, the first Bellatrix upgrade would be completed. Following this, the second upgrade is scheduled for September 15, after which the Merge is set to happen.

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