Dogecoin Foundation Director hails new Libdogecoin test on Android and iOS devices

by George Georgiev
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Dogecoin Foundation Director hails new Libdogecoin test on Android and iOS devices

Meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE) continues to record increased network development as the coin seeks to become a mainstream digital asset. In this line, the platform is receiving praise for the latest development dubbed the Libdogecoin protocol.

In particular, Timothy Stebbing, a Dogecoin Foundation director, in a tweet posted on August 14, lauded the protocol noting that it will likely bring growth to the network. 

Stebbing was responding to Dogecoin developer Shafil Alam who revealed that he has complied Libdogecoin for iOS and Android devices. He stated that the Libdogecoin protocol also means that there are numerous ways to build more mobile apps for the meme coin network. 

“Shafil Alam demonstrates the power of Libdogecoin to bring Dogecoindev to new realms: having now compiled for iOS & Android,” said Stebbing. 

Benefits of Libdogecoin 

Notably, the Libdogecoin protocol will enable users to design products aligned with the network’s standards. The platform allows developers to design a product on it in the absence of a node, with the hope it will push the network toward more utility.

Furthermore, the Dogecoin foundation aims to push for innovations on the platform through a C Library with different programming languages.

Already, Libdogecoin has acted as the foundation for developing previous projects like RadioDoge and GigaWallet as part of pushing DOGE towards mass adoption. 

It is worth mentioning that since DOGE’s meteoric rise in 2021 and the consequent crash in 2022, the token has received criticism for lack of use cases. However, different platforms have incorporated the token as a payment system. 

DOGE’s increased development 

Following Dogecoin’s rise in popularity, the network has attracted more developers as they push to rid the token of the ‘meme coin’ status. As earlier reported by Finbold, the developers released MyDoge Wallet, a dedicated wallet app targeting iOS users.

The upgrades have emerged despite the Dogecoin Foundation core developer Ross Nicoll announcing his exit from the project, noting that he was ‘overwhelmed’ with the stress involved and a possible conflict of interest.

As DOGE’s developments increase, the token is recording increased buying pressure. For instance, the token has attracted a capital inflow of about $3 billion within a month. 

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