Unstoppable Domains Streamlines Use of Web3 Identities Through iPhone App

by Aaryamann Shrivastava
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Unstoppable Domains Streamlines Use of Web3 Identities Through iPhone App

Cameron Thompson is a news reporter at CoinDesk.

Crypto domain provider Unstoppable Domains is releasing an iPhone app to bring Web3 to users’ fingertips, the company said Tuesday.

Users will be able to connect their profiles to crypto wallets such as MetaMask, and log into over 180 decentralized applications (dapps), metaverses and games. The goal is to streamline the use of unique identities and domains, making blockchain-based applications accessible and transferable across a handful of protocols.

Unstoppable has been rolling out new products and partnerships over the past several months. Just last month the company raised $65 million in Series A funding led by Pantera capital. In May, the company partnered with Blue Studios to release a family crypto wallet, after hiring two former IBM and Twitch executives in March.

Unstoppable’s next move is to foster a community within the app, integrating a feature allowing users to discover each other’s domain-linked profiles ahead of its Android launch at the end of the year. Its mission is for Web3 to become “accessible to the next 500 million people, not just the 50 that are within crypto now,” said head of product Michael Williams.

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